sold by for £111,000

Sales of generic domain names are taking off with a reported 60% increase in sales in 2007 compared to 2006.

A German enterprise, just entering the uk ink cartridge market, wants to slash the price of printer ink supplies. Claus Volke says, “Ink cartridges are way too expensive in the UK – we aim to cut prices to a fraction of their current level”. He plans to supply direct to consumers using

Volke’s company, Internet Marketing Bielefeld, has typically been selling a £3.49 ink cartridge for just 49p. The market in ink for printers linked to computers has exploded in recent years and is estimated to be worth over a billion pounds per year in the UK alone.

Angus Hanton of, the seller of, said: “This is the best sale we have made to date at £111,000, but it is a very good domain and I can see how such a memorable name will boost their sales. Enquiries for other names in our portfolio are running at a record level.”

Details of cheaper ink cartridge offerings can now be found at whilst’s details are at

Angus Hanton can be contacted on 020 7737 0070.
12 December 2007

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