What we do

Develop domains

We own a large number of generic domain names which we are progressively developing. For example:

Buy portfolios

We are interested in buying portfolios of domain names. If you have a portfolio you are interested in selling, please get in touch. We are serious and we are cash buyers but we will only be interested if you give us an indicative price. Unpriced offerings are of little interest.

Lease domains

We try to employ a flexible approach to all of our deals, tailoring them to suit the situation of the client and the value of the domain name in question. If, for whatever reason, outright sale is not an option, we would consider leasing the name. This option often makes sense for businesses starting up or names which we would be very reluctant to sell.

A couple of examples of leased names are:

Sell domains

As well as developing and leasing domains, we also occasionally sell names. If you are interested in a particular domain please email us and provide the following information:

  • Your name and company
  • The name you are interested in
  • An indicative offer or proposal for the name

Previous sales include taste.co.uk for £110,000, three.co.uk for £102,000 and e85.com for $90,000.

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